Turner Family Farms not only sells fresh produce to local restaurants, we work closely with local chefs to provide our CSA customers with culinary expertise, recipes, and even occasional gifts and coupons from your favorite local restaurants.


Feast for the Gods – Chef Alexis Fouros

Betsy and Alexis at the Poplar Grove Farmers Market

Alexis and Betsy Fouros are the chef owners of Feast for the Gods (The Creative Market Place, Inc.)  While Alexis is the big- name chef of the two, Betsy creates fantastic dishes too, usually with a Southern flair.  Full disclosure, the Fouros’s are very close friends of ours, but they are also just truly fascinating people, both individually and as a couple.  You can find them and their magnificent Greek/Mediterranean offerings, rain or shine, at several local-area farmer’s markets, including the Farmer’s Market at Poplar Grove and the Farm Market at River Bluffs. They also cater, offer cooking classes and have a beautiful cookbook.  Their full story is too good to pass up here on our blog page.

Porches Cafe – Chef Erin Wiley

We work closely with Chef Erin since Porches Cafe is part of the River Bluffs community.  It isn’t unusual for Ian to run produce to Porches directly out of the field at our River Bluffs farm location.  Erin makes the most amazing lunch and brunch dishes including a vegan bisque from our TFF carrots that is impossibly umami.  We will soon be releasing instructional videos of Chef Erin preparing dishes using our produce.  She’s a great asset to the River Bluffs community, and to us – and we adore her.

Check out this link for more information on Erin and Porches Cafe.