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Turner Family Farms Is Bringing Fresh Produce (and more) To The River Lights Community


Hi Folks,

My name is Stephen Douglass, the owner and operator of Turner Family Farms – a fifth generation family farm located in Teachey, N.C.  We provide a delivered subscription produce box (CSA) directly to the doors of our wonderful Members year ’round.  We have Members from Leland to Holly Ridge to Beulaville, and everywhere in between.  One of the many true benefits of living where we do is that we can enjoy freshly harvested produce every week of the year.

I have been working with the River Lights staff for a few months now to see if I could find a way to reach the community.  I attended the Open House market as a vendor on Saturday, May 1, where I was fortunate to meet a few homeowners including Carl Niesner who was very kind to spread the word about the CSA box service.  He also came up with some great ideas for collaboration on future events both at River Lights and here at the farm   This is something that I’ve had in mind and have been looking forward to implementing since before the pandemic.

Carl had fielded a short list of questions about our CSA box service.  I will answer those questions here below, and then give some more information and links to what our Memberships provides.


Frequently Asked Questions


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What’s in the box?

We pack as much value into the box as we possibly can.   The goal is to supply certain “staples” like onions, carrots, and a starch vegetable like Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes, a salad mix, and greens.  Beyond that, we include as many in-season specialty items as we can.  As you can see from the picture, it’s a lot.Every week I do a blogpost that describes the contents of the box from both a farmer’s perspective and a culinary perspective.  And you can check out our youtube channel if you want to see the big clumsy farmer preparing these crops in the kitchen.





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2.   How much produce is in the box?


The box is intended to be enough produce for two people for a week.  Most Members receive the box weekly which is the standard, however we can easily adjust the schedule as needed.   Because we harvest your produce immediately before boxing, and because of how we handle it, it tends to last a long time in the fridge so people with smaller appetites sometimes push back to every other week.  In these cases, all you have to do is notify us and we will make those adjustments.  **We can adjust your delivery schedule to accommodate you regardless of the payment plan you choose




3.  Is there only one size box?

There is only one size of box.

The existing box, as big as it is, is just barely big enough to fit some things like large bunches of rainbow chard, large carrot bunches with tops, beets and turnips with tops, and the like.

Having different sizes adds a layer of complexity that would slow us down.  This is the reason we don’t have a lower tiered priced box with less produce in it.  Managing different pricing, different contents, etc, is a logistical headache for the farmer whose main goal is to get the freshest produce out of the ground and to the Members.



4.  Are you organic?  Do you use the organic method?

We are NOT certified organic.  HOWEVER, we use only certified organic inputs and we are currently working with Where Food Comes From, Inc. to attain our certification by year’s end.  This firm, previous named International Certification Services, certifies most of the organic farmers in the region.  There’s some good information HERE from a recent blogpost on our site.

Both my son and I were trained in the organic method by the late, great Tony Kleese: founder of Eastern Carolina Organics and The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.   Part of the reason we have chosen to officially certify this year is in his honor.  He was an amazing man, mentor, teacher, and activist for clean food.



5.  What day or days do you deliver?

We have chosen Fridays for delivery to River Lights since we will be attending the Marina Village Marketplace as a vendor every other Friday from 4pm to 8pm.  I’ll drop the boxes off before setting up at the market – and of course on the Fridays with no market.  All Members can stop by to get extra items anytime I’m there – free of charge.  That’s one of the perks of TFF Membership.

Greater Wilmington deliveries are on Thursdays.

“The Counties (Wallace, Kenansville, Buleaville areas) deliveries are on Wednesday.




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5.  Can I pick the crops that go in the box?

While we DO NOT have an “a la carte” option, we do know our Members well enough to personalize their boxes as best we can according to their preferences.

Our mission is to bring our Members the freshest, seasonal produce every week.  We promote this through the weekly blogpost, youtube channel, and facebook group where there is great information about what’s in season and how to prepare it in the kitchen.  The community (Membership) is amazing at sharing recipes and ideas.




I hope all this helps answer some questions.  Carl has some great ideas about working together doing culinary events at River Lights and other ways we can work together.  Please check out the weekly blogpost to see what is coming in the box, and, everyone is welcome to join our Eating Seasonally With Turner Family Farms Facebook group.  Those links are in the section below.

What You Get When You Join the Turner Farm Family

Plan Options & Pricing 

CSA members can choose from 4 payment plans: Yearly, Semi-annually, Quarterly, or Monthly.  The price per box is $39, delivery included.

If paying by credit or debit card online, our online system has two options accessed by clicking the orange button below:
  • Yearly Plans – 15% Discount! – Normally $2,028  Your Cost $1,723.80
  • Monthly Plans –  $39.00 recurring weekly upon delivery.



If paying by cash or check, there are two additional options.  Simply call, text, or email Farmer Steve.  We can pick up payment on the first delivery day.
  • Yearly Plans (52 boxes) – 15% Discount! – Normally $2,028  Your Cost $1,723.80
  • Semi-Annual Plans (26 Boxes) – 10% Discount! Normally $1,014 – Your Cost $912.60
  • Quarterly Plans (13 boxes) – 5% discount Payment of $507  – Your Cost $481.65
  • Monthly Plans (4 boxes) –  $156.00

Contact Farmer Steve 910-552-3467 or


Stephen J. Douglass

Turner Family Farms
986 Wells Town Road
Teachey,  N.C.  28464