Who’s Your Farmer? The Benefits of Home Delivered Local Produce – Redux for 2021

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Who’s Your Farmer?

The Benefits of Turner Family Farms’ SPB (CSA) Membership

At Turner Family Farms, we were delivering our Subscription Produce Box (aka CSA) to our TFF Members’ doorsteps long before 2020.  In fact, that’s always been our model.  While we do grow and sell particular crops to specialty grocers and small farmer-friendly co-ops, our main focus and greatest satisfaction comes from serving our wonderful SPB Membership.  There’s just nothing like putting a smile on a Member’s face, or getting “show off” text pictures of their culinary creations.

Freshness and Nutrition

Notwithstanding a few storage items like root vegetables and Winter Squashes, all of the crops that go into our CSA box are harvested within 48 hours of delivery, and there’s almost always a few items in the box that are harvested that morning.  This kind of freshness means there is no nutritional degradation that you find in week(s)-old grocery store produce that has travelled to the store across state lines, if not international borders.

In some cases we grow specific crops together that, when eaten together magnify their individual health benefits.  One example of this is actually two crops in this Wednesday’s Members’ box, Mustard and Lacinato Kale, that, when consumed together amplify the bioavailability of sulforaphane and other isothiocyanates.  If you are interested in more information on these benefits, Dr. Rhonda Patrick is my favorite source.  Check her out HERE and at her website FoundMyFitness.  Kales, spinach, chard, and beets also have high quantities of Vitamin D which studies suggest help aid in recovery from and (possibly) prevention of covid-19.  Either way, deficiencies are prevalent in our society with so many people now working inside their homes.  They say the sky is Carolina blue, and I’ve always thought that the reason God gave us North Carolinians the perfect climate to grow beautiful leafy greens is so we can combat the dreary Winter months with plenty of vitamin D.

Lastly, we are growing microgreens in our new greens unit.  If you’re not familiar with microgreens, check out one of our previous blogposts entitled Microgreens – the Nutrient and Flavor Packed Garnishbut here’s the short version.  Microgreens are the small seedlings of almost any vegetable that are harvested right at or right before (cotyledon stage) they form true leaves.  At this stage, the little plants have 5X the nutrient density by weight of their older selves.  They also have a much more potent flavor which makes them an exceptional garnish for soups, sandwiches, drinks, and also a great addition to salad mixes.  The most prevalent varieties are broccoli, radish, pea, sunflower, kale and mustards.  They are often colorful and lend themselves to being creatively mixed.  They are also a favorite with juicers.

Convenience and Food Safety/Security During Difficult Times

We always take food safety and handling very seriously regardless of what’s going on in the world.  We pride ourselves on proper handling of our produce and produce boxes during all phases of our operation, from harvest, to washing/packing, and finally delivery.  A big part of that is simply limiting the number of people involved.   The diagram to the left illustrates this idea perfectly.

In 2021, we will be formalizing our food safety policies by applying for G.A.P. certification (Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices) and also certifying Organic through Where Food Comes From, Inc.  These changes are discussed in depth on our August 8, 2020 blogpost HERE.  And copies of our Food Safety Plan is available in pdf form below.

TFF2020 Food Safety Plan.

Beyond all the formalities, our Members are like family to us and we strive to bring them the freshest, cleanest box of just-harvested produce we can deliver.  It’s as simple as that.  Our Members are everything to us.

Eating Seasonally

There’s a lyric in that great old Eagles song, Life in the Fast Lane, that goes “Life in the fast lane.  Everything, all the time.”  That’s sort of the way we eat when we buy exotic grocery store vegetables that have been transported across the equator and through a dozen time zones.  But, are we meant to eat this way?  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t hate abundance or modern grocery stores.  I just think eating seasonally is the way to go when you can, and that’s what our CSA is for.

There’s a reason and a purpose underlying the fact that sturdy Winter greens and root vegetables are great for warm hearty dishes, and, that Spring brings brighter and lighter fruit* bearing crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, squashes and melons.

We try to help explain the culinary uses of each crop in our weekly CSA box blogpost – an example HERE.  And, now Everyone can get a laugh out of Farmer Steve trying to act like I know what I’m doing in the kitchen in our youtube videos.


is our Members’ culinary creations on our Facebook Group page, Eating Seasonally with Turner Farmily Farms.

Join Us.  We’d Love To Have You As A Member

I’m putting the plans and pricing options below, but please feel free to call or text me, Farmer Steve, anytime at .910-552-3467  You can also email me at csa@turnerfamilyfarms.com.


Plan Options & Pricing 

CSA members can choose from 4 payment plans: Yearly, Semi-annually, Quarterly, or Monthly.  The price per box is $39, delivery included.

If paying by credit or debit card online, our online system has two options:

  • Yearly Plans – 15% Discount! – Normally $2,028  Your Cost $1,723.80
  • Monthly Plans –  $39.00 recurring weekly upon delivery.


If paying by cash or check, there are two additional options.  Simply call, text, or email Farmer Steve.  We can pick up payment on the first delivery day.

  • Yearly Plans – 15% Discount! – Normally $2,028  Your Cost $1,723.80
  • Semi-Annual Plans – 10% Discount! Normally $1,014 – Your Cost $912.60
  • Quarterly Plans – 5% discount Payment of $507  – Your Cost $481.65
  • Monthly Plans –  $156.00

Contact Farmer Steve 910-552-3467 or csa@turnerfamilyfarms.com


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