We Have a Little Secret to Share

November 5th, 2019 | Posted By: Stephen Douglass | Posted in Crops, CSA, News

Hi Folks,

We were approached a couple years back by a friend affiliated with General Hydroponics (before it was sold to Scott’s) to explore growing CBD Hemp at our Teachey farm.  Because of the immense amount of hoopla and, frankly, BS, we decided to keep the whole operation as much of a secret as we could and wait to see how it all played out.  So in the Spring of 2019, we planted the Boax variety in our high tunnel and later outside on 1.5 acres.  While some of the outside plants were damaged by hurricane Dorian, all of the high tunnel plants and about half the field grown plants survived and thrived.  We put a great deal of thought and effort into proper natural and organic inputs throughout the unique lifecycle of this plant.  We initially prepped the soil as we would a long-term, indeterminate tomato crop by applying large amounts of compost and a little bit of extra organic fertilizer.  As the plants grew, we used our Dosatron injectors to “fertigate” the crop through two rows of drip tape per each plastic mulch wrapped bed.  Our General Hydroponics partner – still requesting anonymity – did an amazing job developing fertigation and IPM (integrated pest management) plans which we implemented throughout.

As the crop began to grow, we fed it using our existing Dosatron system according to it’s lifecyle as advised by our partner – who we hope will allow us to give credit by name soon, since his expertise was invaluable.  It doesn’t take long before the plants start to show some size.  Honestly, it began to look more like a field of landscape shrubs than a vegetable crop, and, the greenhouse plants were getting large.

As a long season variety, we knew this Boax would be in the field long enough to be vulnerable to the hurricane season, and, sure enough, Dorian did damage many of the larger field plants.  We lucked out on the smaller ones and the giant high tunnel plants were undamaged.  What was left, though, seemed to thrive from the adversity and they continued setting heavy colas.

We eventually harvested the crop in successions and cured it in our barn we modified with air conditioners, fans, and dehydrators.  Once we had enough dry, cured flower, we waited nervously for our Certificate of Analysis results.  Low and behold, we almost hit 20.00% total CBD – the highest result we know of so far – and with a delta 9 THC level far below the legal limit.

We will be offering our flower to the general public beginning tomorrow, November 6.  More to come on pricing soon.

Thanks Everyone.  I’m attaching some more general pictures below.

Farmer Steve