Promina Health-Direct Primary Care Is REAL Health Care

March 27th, 2019 | Posted By: Stephen Douglass | Posted in CSA, News, Wellness

As I’ve said before, Promina Health- Direct Primary Care has been a Godsend for me and Turner Family Farms.  My son, Ian, is also a patient.  When you go to your first appointment with Dr. Lanier, you know immediately that this is a different kind of place – unlike insurance based providers.  There’s no crowded waiting room, ever, and no waiting.  Yes, I said “no waiting.”  Every single time I’ve been there, I’ve been taken in at the exact time of the appointment.

On my introductory visit, Dr. Lanier and I sat down in his office and just chatted for over a half an hour before he even started looking me over.  He takes an interest in you as both a person and a patient.  I want to say Dr. Lanier takes a “holistic approach” to patient health, except that the connotations to that term (“unconventional, flaky, etc”) just don’t fit the man at all.  He’s a Marine, for starters, and he has hospital privileges throughout the NHRMC system.  Check our Dr. Lanier in his office with a few of the patients.


The other person you will see at Promina Health is Nurse Kristin. She is very personable and efficient, and an exceptional phlebotomist.  For me, this is a really good thing because, though I’ve sewn up my own leg out in the field, I really, really, don’t like to have blood drawn.  When Kristin does it, I almost enjoy it, in part because she’s so good at it, and also because I feel more involved in tracking my health.  This brings me to something I’ve noticed about Promina Health.  They bring a kind of demystification to the medical profession/patient relationship.  There is no strong sense of hierarchical separation there.  In fact, you feel like you’re part of a team – Team Patient  I know this because I’m member of Team Farmer Steve (HA,) I feel much more responsible for my own health, and that’s the way healthcare should be.  Check out their information below and also take a look at their website.



Just recently I was in a pretty significant accident and by the time I contacted Dr. Lanier for ongoing treatment, he had already seen my trauma panel from the hospital E.R.  Since then, we have developed a long term health plan that includes physical therapy and strength training, bloodwork monitoring, and an excellent weight loss plan. I’ve been able to drop a couple of long term medications and the handfuls of advil I thought this old body required.  I’ve still got a long way to go, but being on Team Farmer Steve with Dr. Lanier and Kristin is very motivating.  Promina Health -Direct Primary Care is real healthcare. Turner Family Farms is fortunate that Promina promotes our weekly, delivered, fresh produce box (CSA) as a part of an overall patient wellness plan.

I’m very lucky to have Dr. Lanier and Kristin on Team Farmer Steve.  If you’re looking for a real healthcare provider, and better overall health, you should put Promina on your team, too.

——————Farmer Steve








P.S.  Don’t worry, I coined the “Team Patient” metaphor.  You won’t hear Dr. Lanier saying that unless he’s making fun of me!   🙂