Howl-O-Ween Pets – River Bluffs Farm Market – 10/27/2018

October 23rd, 2018 | Posted By: Stephen Douglass | Posted in Farmers Markets

This Saturday the 27th bring your pet in costume to the River Bluffs Farm Market and enter for pet and human friendly prizes from all the vendors.  From our newest vendor, Pet Wants, Glen and Amy Chalmers will be handing out a special basket for the best costume, and, Turner Family Farms and the other vendors will have some other really nice consolation prizes.

This week we have a full veranda including our mainstays like Feast for the Gods, Noni Bacca Winery, and Cape Fear Pirate Candy.  The artist (known as) Will Kinzie will be returning, as will Charlotte Evans (owner of Cravings) and, Andrew Smith of Dandy Andy’s Organics.  Last but certainly not least will be our good friends from Castle Hayne Farms with their wonderful flower bouquets.  I’m guessing there may be some floral prizes for a few pet owners.

As always, the River Bluffs Farm Market is every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm on the veranda of Porches Cafe, inside the beautiful River Bluffs development community,  1030 Chair Road, Castle Hayne, NC  28464.

Below is more information on our attending vendors.   We look to seeing some cute and SCARY pets.   — Farmer Steve

Pet Wants is a local company operated by Glen and Amy Chalmers which provides a subscription pet food and treats delivery service known for it’s customer service and high quality, individualized pet food.  They can also be found at the Farmer’s Market at Poplar Grove (and others) making pets very happy.  We are glad to have them.

Feast for the Gods.  These are my buddies, Betsy and Alexi Fouros.  They are a mainstay of our market and keep everyone well-fed with take-home Greek prepared meals, including fabulous baklava, spanikopita, Greek lasagna, spice rubs, and Alexis’s awesome cookbook.  There is nice write up on Betsy and Alexis being published in November in the local Plantation LIfe magazine.  I’ll link to that next week but I understand it’s very well written by an incredibly handsome farmer.

Dandy Andy’s Organics  will be returning with a variety of hemp and CBD products for sale, including; lotions, scrubs, salves and bath bombs.  Dandy Andy’s Organics, LLC was started in 2017 by Jenn and Andrew Smith and became certified industrial hemp growers in 2018 through the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.  They are farmers and purveyors of hemp and CBD, currently growing in Castle Hayne, NC just up the street from River Bluffs.

Noni Bacca Winery Ken and Toni Invorvaia each come from along line of family wine-makers: Toni of Bulgarian descent, and Ken of Sicilian.  Their award-winning traditional European blends are exceptional, and the winery is just off Eastwood Road on the way to Wrightsville Beach.  Noni Bacca imports their stock juices from Italy and California and blend their creations right here in Wilmington.  The winery itself is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Wilmington area.  Come try their offerings at our market on Saturday and be sure to stop by the winery itself – a local treasure right here under our noses.  It’s an honor to have them at our market, not to mention it’s nice to take a unique and exceptional bottle of wine home every Saturday after the market.

Cravings The Healthy Fix – Charlotte Evans creates some magnificent cookies and brownies made with the highest quality ingredients.  Her unique creations like Chickpea Peanut Butter Blondies are to die for.  Charlotte makes the most amazing vegan and gluten free confections as well, and, she is always a joy to have at the market – especially when she brings her awesome dog named, yes, Cookie.

Will Kinzie is an exceptional local artist who paints in oils, watercolors and charcoals using otherworldly perspectives.  His works are usually of local landscapes and subjects, and while some may want to define the genres as surreal or impressionist, I think his “genre,” like a great guitarist’s tone, is just authentic to his own feel and vision. That’s the best way I can explain it.  He has many unique paintings and artworks right there at the market, but he also accepts commissions.

Cape Fear Pirate Candy – Travis Moore is well known in the area for his fantastic and unique salsas and candied peppers.  As market manager I get the privilege of taking home some of Travis’s R&D projects, and I have to say, even the really hot ones are really, really tasty.  I find myself putting his offerings on everything from hot dogs to chili and I’ve even used it to make pot roast.  Good stuff for sure and Travis is always fun at the market.

Castle Hayne Farms   Our friends from Castle Hayne Farms will be rebuilding greenhouses for months to come, but they are real pros in the flower growing business and very generous with their resources and time.  Please check out my earlier blogpost here to get a better idea of the treasure (right under our noses) that this operation really is.