River Bluffs Farm Market 10/06/2018

October 4th, 2018 | Posted By: Stephen Douglass | Posted in Farmers Markets, News
Hi Folks,
We will be back at the River Bluffs Farm Market this Saturday, 10/06/2018. We had to gather up fresh produce from some of our friends in Castle Hayne and Teachey to combine with our own offerings, but, we will have tomatoes (galore,) cucs, mustard greens, microgreens, potatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini, flowers (from Castle Hayne Farms,) and more!
Betsy and Alexis of Feast for the Gods will be there, as always, with stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes, spanikopita, baklava, goat cheese tarts, greek lasagna, spice rubs, cookbooks, and a lot of humor and wisdom.
Cape Fear Pirate Candy is back, which is excellent because I ate all mine during the storm.  I think we get Travis’s better half manning the booth this time which is always a good thing.
Will Kenzie will be there with his terrific artworks, and Nonni Bacca is back, because, well, we could all use a little bit of libation after that damn hurricane.
Please come out and see us and get a bite to eat at Porches Cafe. As always, the market is from 10am to 2pm inside River Bluffs on the huge Veranda of Porches Cafe, 1030 Chair Road, Castle Hayne NC, 28429.
                                                                                               Thanks so much,
                                                                                                                         Farmer Steve