2018 Update – Cold Weather, High Tunnels, and much Progress

January 18th, 2018 | Posted By: Stephen Douglass | Posted in Equipment, Farming, News

January has been rough on the farm.  The extreme cold has damaged some of the crops.  This problem will be fixed for next year as we are presently finishing the 30’ X 96’ high tunnel/greenhouse at the River Bluffs location, and we will be putting up another one this Summer.   We have also ordered several caterpillar tunnels for even more season extension from our buddies at Farmer’s Friend.

Next week, it will be safe enough to plant our tomato crop into our existing high tunnel at the Teachey farm.   Our awesome organic seedling grower, Banner Greenhouses, provided us with the grafted varieties: “Trust” and “Black Krim” slicers, and a mix of cherry tomatoes including “Supersweet,” “Indigo Rose,” and ” Sungold -”  If all goes well we should have some very early Spring tomatoes.

Last thing, we have been working with J. M. Fortier on our overall crop plan and growing methods for 2018.  It’s a great gift to finally have a long range plan in place.  Few people realize the complexity in designing and operating a produce farm that grows over thirty crop varieties.  I highly recommend JM’s book, The Market Gardener.  We are hoping to get a farm visit out of him one of these days.