2017 Update: A Very Busy Year in the Forecast

February 17th, 2017 | Posted By: agileadmin | Posted in Farmers Markets, Farming, News

Turner Family Farms is happy to announce, and in some cases “re-announce,” that we have two new endeavors for 2017.

The first, chronologically, is our joint project with Jim Ray, an old high school buddy of mine who is an electrical engineer.  Together, under the auspices of Leafy Greens Farms, LLC, we will be building a hydroponic system using old-school floating tobacco trays together with Jim Ray’s innovative LED lighting systems to outfit shipping containers.  Our preliminary tests show that can produce a minimum of 200 lbs. of microgreens a week.  We are also working together with Wayne County Community College to build two of these shipping container units for their new agricultural center. Visit our Leafy Greens Farms website and this great article about the Wayne County Community College agricultural center expansion project.

Our second new endeavor is our new partnership with River Bluffs, a fantastic new development in Wilmington, N.C.  We will be taking over their community farm and developing a CSA program for the residents and other customers in the Wilmington area.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to capture a new market and expand, and frankly, the place is NICE, and the owners and staff are terrific.  Thanks to Burrows Smith and John Lennon for helping us make this possible.  Our lease begins on March 1, 2017.   Please visit their website to learn more.

Finally, I just couldn’t finish the post without a little bit of video of work at TFF.  We finished a ton of driveway and new road work, then put a new top on the high tunnel, and, at the very last minute, I was able to clear some ditches just as it began to rain.  Hey, it takes skill to record video and drive the tractor at the same time!